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What About the Fathers?

In our culture, it has been found that individual, family, community, societal and policy factors play a role in barring or diminishing the involvement of fathers during pregnancy. Paternal involvement, however, has been recognized to have an impact on pregnancy and infant outcomes. Our goal is to empower the father of the baby by mentoring you through your role of fatherhood. You can make an appointment where you will meet with a Fatherhood Mentor who will assess your concerns and needs; spiritual, emotional, physical and economical and consult you with support and guidance.

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Patient Reviews

Real reviews from actual patients

George was my counselor and he really listed to me. I got what I needed most Prayer.


My counselor John listened to me and I felt at peace with every answer he gave me. I would like to learn more about spiritual health.


David listened to me and what he had to say touched me, it helped me in how in how I was looking at my situation. He gave me good information and it helped me.


My counselor Jim took his time and listened to my answers and prospective. Jim helped me to understand the resources available for what I am going through. It was a very straight forward appointment and everything was easy to understand.


My counselor John understood my concerns and recognized what I needed. I realize there is much I can be helped with for my baby.


I felt listed to, my counselor Michael was open minded and prayed for me. My questions were answered and I was given resource that I needed.