How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

This woman wants to know how to support her friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

It’s no secret that friendship is one of the greatest aspects of humanity. It is a gift that demands dedication and stewardship. So you may be wondering how do I support my friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy?

Your friend has just confided in you about the pregnancy that she is unexpectedly facing. Right now, more than ever, she needs your steadfast friendship and support. She is likely experiencing more fear than you can imagine, and she needs the peace of your presence. 

Helping Your Friend With Her Unexpected Pregnancy

Give Your Full Attention

We all crave to be heard, to feel as if the person we are confiding with is able to feel what we feel. Listening intently produces empathy. The way to be a friend of someone with an unexpected pregnancy is to give the gift of your full attention. 

Allow your heart to be tender to the words your friend is saying, the feelings she is expressing, and the decisions she is facing. Do not be afraid to ask her questions about what she is going through; however, be cautious when sharing personal opinions or advice. Your friend needs your loving compassion more than anything at this moment. 

Offer Your Loyalty 

It is common to give our loved ones space when they are experiencing hurt and trouble. However, your friend is in need of someone like you to be a friend by walking alongside her in the midst of this life change. 

Show up for your friend. Bring her favorite movie and snack to her place. Plan a fun night for the two of you to just be together. She will find comfort and hope in your loyal presence. 

Help Her Schedule a Pregnancy Center Appointment 

Be a friend by helping her schedule an appointment at Women’s Resource Medical Centers. This appointment may bring up difficult feelings and fears for your friend. Consider accompanying her to this appointment; your support can help bring her a sense of relief and encouragement. 

Her Best Next Steps

At Women’s Resource Medical Center, your friend will be given free confidential pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy.  When a positive pregnancy test result is confirmed at the consultation appointment, we will have crucial information about the pregnancy’s location, age, and viability. 

Walking through an unexpected pregnancy is a challenge that we never want any woman to walk through alone. You can be a friend to her by making an appointment with us today. Our compassionate team is eager to help answer all of her questions and provide her with our support in her pregnancy decision. 

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