How Does An Ultrasound Work?

This woman can tell you how an ultrasound works.

When it comes to getting as much information as possible about your pregnancy in the early stages, you need an ultrasound. This amazing imaging procedure can let you look into a whole new world.

Getting An Ultrasound

At Women’s Resource Medical Centers, we believe you should make a confident, educated decision about your unexpected pregnancy. To do that, you need the information an ultrasound gives you. 

If you received a positive test result from one of our pregnancy tests, a confidential ultrasound scan at no cost to you may be offered upon eligibility. You especially need an ultrasound if you’re considering an abortion

What Is An Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds create images with the echoes of high-frequency soundwaves. It’s safe and incredibly easy. Our medical technician will first have you lie down on the examination table. They’ll apply a special gel to your abdomen to help conduct the sound waves.

Once the gel is applied, the medical technician will move an instrument called a transducer back and forth over the gel. The sound waves reflected off your bones and other tissues are converted into images on a monitor. The technician will review the images with you and tell you exactly what you’re seeing.

Why You Need An Ultrasound

Here’s a list of the critical information you’ll receive about your pregnancy:

  • Viability – Viability means the pregnancy has a heartbeat, and is progressing normally. Non-viable pregnancies can resolve on their own, or they may require medical attention.
  • Gestational age – The gestational age refers to how many weeks you’ve been pregnant. If you’re considering abortion, you definitely need to know the gestational age of your pregnancy. At 10 weeks and under, you qualify for a medical abortion. A pregnancy longer than 10 weeks means you’ll only qualify for surgical abortion.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy – An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy developing outside of the uterus, often in the fallopian tubes. This can be a life-threatening situation, which means you must see a health care provider as soon as possible to take care of this.

Scheduling An Ultrasound

If you’re wondering if you’re pregnant, contact Women’s Resource Medical Centers today. We can begin with a confidential pregnancy test at no cost to you. If the test is positive, an ultrasound will be offered. You deserve to have as much information as possible about your pregnancy to make an empowered decision. Contact us today.

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