How Many Ultrasounds Should I Get During My Pregnancy

first trimester of pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! This exciting time is filled with new experiences, from feeling those first flutters to decorating the nursery. One question that you might be asking is: How many ultrasounds will I need during my pregnancy?

We get it. Ultrasounds are pretty amazing. Those grainy black and white (or maybe even fancy 3D!) pictures offer a first glimpse of your little one. But experts say you can have too many of a good thing. So how many ultrasounds should you get?

So, how many ultrasounds are typical?

For most healthy pregnancies, you can expect around 2-3 ultrasounds (source). These scans are usually performed at specific times to get the best view of your baby’s development. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • First Trimester (around 6-9 weeks): This early peek-a-boo helps confirm your pregnancy, check the baby’s heartbeat, and get a more accurate due date. Think of it as the “hello” wave!
  • Second Trimester (around 18-22 weeks): The big one! This detailed scan assesses your baby’s anatomy, growth, and position. It’s like a full-body check-up for your little tenant! You might even find out the gender if you choose to peek.
  • Third Trimester (sometimes): Depending on your doctor’s recommendation and how things are progressing, you might have one more ultrasound later in pregnancy. This could be to check on the baby’s positioning, fluid levels, or the health of your placenta.

Remember, this is a general guideline. Every pregnancy is unique, and your OBGYN might recommend additional ultrasounds if there are any concerns or potential risks. Think of your doctor as your pregnancy game master – they’ll use ultrasounds strategically to make sure everything is on track for a smooth journey.

Here are some extra ultrasound pointers to keep in mind

  • Ultrasound safety: Ultrasounds use sound waves to create images, and there’s no evidence of harm to mom or baby. But, like with most things in life, moderation is key. Generally, the recommended ultrasounds are perfectly safe.
  • Do you have to see the baby on every ultrasound? Nope! While those pictures are super cute, the priority is getting the medical information your doctor needs. Sometimes, the baby might be a little shy and not cooperate for the perfect shot. Patience, little one, your modeling career can wait!
  • Can I request extra ultrasounds “just to see the baby?” While we understand the excitement, doctors typically order ultrasounds only when medically necessary. There are other ways to bond with your baby, like listening to the heartbeat with a Doppler or simply talking and singing to your belly.

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