How to Tell Your Parent You Are Pregnant

tell parents you are pregnant

Worldwide, more than 140 million children are born every year. Having a child can be a monumental occasion, and even just finding out you’re pregnant is a big deal. How to tell your parent you are pregnant doesn’t have to be hard and it can even be fun and exciting.

But where should you start? Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can break the big news. Keep reading and learn more about how to tell your family that you are going to be a mother.

Sonogram Frame

If you have a sonogram picture of your baby inside your belly, why not frame it and show it off to your parents to reveal the big news? After all, a sonogram is immediately recognizable and anyone who sees one will know that it has something to do with a developing baby. Sonogram photos usually come in floppy pieces of material, so framing the picture can make the image seem even more important.

And, of course, there are many types of frames you can choose. You can choose between colorful and decorative frames or frames that have words on them to make the object even more meaningful. Once you give your parents a framed sonogram picture, they will surely be shocked and elated.

Besides that, revealing your first pregnancy in this way will also allow your parents to take a look at what your baby looks like. Depending on when the sonogram is taken, you might not be able to see much, but it still is better than nothing.

A Poem

If you are creative with words or simply like poetry, writing a little poem to tell your parents you are expecting a baby is a great way to reveal the big news. After all, there are endless possibilities when it comes to writing poetry. You can either make the poem comical, heartfelt, or maybe even a mix of both.

Whatever the case, writing a poem can allow you to tell your parents exactly what you’re feeling as you prepare to become a new mother. It will also give your parents the chance to hold onto that poem for many years to come so that they can remember the moment you told them the big news.

A Cake

Everyone loves cake, so what better way to break the big news to your parents than to have a cake that reveals that your parents are soon going to be grandparents? There are cake toppers that you can buy that can reveal this but you can also special-order a cake to be designed with this news printed on the top.

Whatever the case, if you present a cake like this to your parents, they will surely be surprised and ridiculously happy. More than that, after you break the news, you can all enjoy the delicious cake.

How to Tell Your Parent You Are Pregnant

Figuring out how to tell your parent you are pregnant can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many nice ways you can break the news such as with a poem, a cake, or a framed sonogram.

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