In College and Pregnant? Know Your Rights

This woman is thinking about three reasons she needs an ultrasound before abortion.

Young mothers can face many challenges that come with having a baby in college. Paying bills, providing food and clothing, and completing your studies are just a few things to consider.

Before you start getting anxious about the future, it’s vital that you learn your rights as a young mother if you’re in college and pregnant. That way, you can feel confident and reassured going into your next phase as a mother.

You must educate yourself on the options available if you unexpectedly become pregnant.

Are You Pregnant?

Depending on your body, many women experience delayed periods due to stress or sickness. Therefore, your first step when you think you may be pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. The signs of pregnancy during the beginning stages can be very subtle such as swollen breasts, nausea, and increased urination.

You can find a pregnancy test at your local drug store or visit the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada where we can provide you with a free pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests are straightforward procedures that usually involve urinating on a stick and waiting for the result. You’ll be able to find out within minutes of taking the test.

Once you’ve seen the results, it’s time to plan for your next steps. If you’re in college and pregnant, you need to know your rights as a woman.

Learn Your Rights as a Pregnant Woman in College

Though motherhood as a college student may present unique challenges, it is important part for you to know that the law protects your right to continue to get your education in college. No matter your personal situation, colleges and universities are required to excuse you for pregnancy-related medical appointments.

If you take medical leave, your school must allow you to resume your studies where you left off. There should also be options for completing courses online or remotely to give you more flexibility with your degree. You can find a Title IX coordinator on college campuses who is there to guide you through the paperwork and process of being in college and pregnant.

Every college has its own procedures, so it’s important to check in with these employees to get the necessary advice.

You are responsible for tracking any pregnancy-related medical appointments or cases of discrimination. Your college can protect you during pregnancy if any issues or unexpected problems arise.

Tips for Moms in College

When you become a mother in college, you must quickly adapt to the challenges of being a parent and earning a degree. Even though it can feel daunting at first, many amazing women have done the task of raising a child and furthering their education at the same time. You can too if you decide this is what you want to do.

To help you get prepared for the challenge of motherhood and college, you have to make scheduling your new best friend.

Schedule Your Routine

As a young mother, you’re going to need to schedule your study commitments and your baby’s duties. If you map out your days and schedule your times for studying and your times for being with your baby, you’ll be able to find the right balance.

Earning your college degree may take longer to complete when you’re pregnant, so it’s important to get the right support. If you have close family relationships, you can lean on your loved ones for emotional support when you’re in college and pregnant.

Lacking family support? Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada exists to be the support you’re lacking! We provide prenatal care, baby supplies, counseling, and parenting mentorship so that your transition to motherhood is thrilling and smooth.

Alternatively, there are campus support groups found at many schools to bring other young mothers together to connect with each other. These other women can be an incredible source of support.

Prioritize Childcare and Mental Health

It’s vital that you organize your childcare routine as soon as possible. Most colleges will offer daycare grants or scholarships to support young parents, including on-campus childcare facilities.

If you can’t find resources for childcare options, you can also visit the Office of Child Care, which gives you an overview of official government information. On this website, you can search by state to find exactly what you need for you and your child.

It’s important to prioritize your mental health while balancing being a college student and being a mother. Thankfully, counseling services and parenting classes can help you navigate all the different aspects of studying and raising a baby. At these appointments, you can also find like-minded people in similar situations.

The most important thing is to remember that you’re not alone! Using the tools available to you will allow you and your baby to thrive.

Get the Support You Need as a Mother

If you’ve noticed pregnancy signs and discover you’re pregnant, it can feel like your whole world is shifting underneath your feet. You may not have planned to be in college and pregnant at the same time. But life happens and an unexpected pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you from carrying out your plans to get an education.

The Women’s Resource Medical Center is here for you with a wide variety of services to help you and your baby flourish.

Contact us today to get started at no cost to you. All services are absolutely free and confidential.