Counseling & Referrals

Certified Crisis Counseling

The possibility of being pregnant by itself is not always what makes life complicated and confusing; there may be other factors that are needing to be addressed.  If you feel like you are experiencing a crisis and the stress is negatively affecting your ability to think straight, then the solution may be as simple as talking to someone who cares. We are here to be that someone, our certified counselors are available to you, should you desire assistance in navigating through your decision-making process.
Certified Counselors are available for both men and women, call or email to set up an appointment.


We provide an extensive referral list of local resources such as financial, medical, legal, housing, general assistance, and if you want help in navigating through it, we can assist you in determining the best option for you.

All medical and non-medical services provided at Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada are free of charge, and we offer immediate results for our pregnancy testing.

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