Counseling & Post-Abortion Counseling

Care When You Need it Most

Pregnancy brings a variety of emotions. It is common for a patient to feel nervous or worried, especially during a woman's first pregnancy or an unexpected one. It can be even harder if they are experiencing depression or anxiety. Stress over being pregnant, changes in their body during the pregnancy, and everyday worries can take a toll.

It is vital to consider a patient’s mental health during pregnancy and for them to have someone to talk to about their feelings. Our counseling program is a resource for patient’s to talk about their feelings and emotions throughout their pregnancy or even to discuss their feelings and emotions of a past miscarriage or abortion.

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Fatherhood Counseling

The father of the baby can access this program where his concerns, stress or anxiety of being a first-time father and/or experiencing an unexpected pregnancy can be discussed with one of our Fatherhood Mentors.

Patient Reviews

Real reviews from actual patients

Upon arriving at Women’s Resource Center everyone was really nice. I am very thankful for the added support. This just wasn’t a pregnancy I had planned. With the help of Women’s Resource it has made my transition in the past few months easier and a little less stressful. A wonderful program that Las Vegas locals should be grateful for.


When I first came, I really did not know what to expect, especially coming in at 17 to take a pregnancy test. I was not sure on what to do. It came back positive. I got the opportunity to speak with a counselor who was very helpful with my decision. The help that is received at the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada is extraordinary to a single mother. I would like to thank each and everyone that took the time to help all these women.


I thank Women’s Resource so much for all they help they have provided me out of the kindness of their heart. I never felt judged coming here. I only felt love and support. I can’t thank them enough for truly changing lives.


George was my counselor and he really listed to me. I got what I needed most Prayer.


I was surprised at the Center. The staff was warm, inviting and they took their time counseling me. Even though I have run into obstacles, I know I have friends.