Free ultrasounds

The Women’s Resource Medical Center of Southern Nevada provides free ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy for clients that have received a pregnancy test and pre-ultrasound screening.

Why do I need an ultrasound?

We perform ultrasounds to give our clients a look at fetal development, the ultrasound can provide an accurate estimation of how far along you are in your pregnancy. Also, ultrasounds can provide some critical health information, including a fetal heartbeat. Ultrasounds can additionally determine the location of your pregnancy if the fetus is developing outside of the uterus, which is called an ectopic pregnancy.


Ultrasounds can assist in determining your risk of miscarriage. According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately 20 percent of pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and about 80 percent of those miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy.

No matter how healthy you are, there is always a chance that you may miscarry. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of symptoms preceding a miscarriage, including severe cramping, bleeding, abdominal pain, fever, and back pain.

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