Three Reasons You Need an Ultrasound Before Abortion

This woman is thinking about three reasons she needs an ultrasound before abortion.

No matter the stage of the pregnancy, abortion is a serious medical procedure. There are several risks and side effects of abortion. If you have recently become pregnant, it’s imperative to receive an ultrasound, no matter what pregnancy decision you make.

The best time to take a pregnancy test is the week after your missed period. That time frame will yield the most accurate results. If you test positive, we suggest confirming your at-home test results with a pregnancy test at Women’s Resource Medical Centers. Accuracy in pregnancy situations is vital for determining your next steps. If you have a confirmed positive pregnancy test, it’s time to schedule your free ultrasound.

3 Reasons You Need an Ultrasound Before Abortion

An ultrasound ensures your safety. Many of your pregnancy questions are answered through an ultrasound exam because you get a clear glimpse of your pregnancy. Below are three reasons why ultrasound exams are imperative for every pregnancy.

1. Understand Pregnancy Advancement

Understanding pregnancy advancement will allow you to understand which abortion procedure you qualify for. If the gestational age of the fetus is less than 10 weeks, you are eligible for medication abortion (also known as the abortion pill). If you’ve been pregnant longer than 10 weeks, you are only eligible to have a surgical abortion. 

2. Identify Pregnancy Location

If your pregnancy is located outside of your uterus, it’s called an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies form in the fallopian tubes or pelvic region outside the uterus. This is a life-threatening medical situation, and you should see a medical professional immediately. Ultrasounds ensure that you’re safe from any dangerous pregnancy situations.

3. Verify The Pregnancy

Oftentimes, women receive positive test results from an over-the-counter pregnancy test but are no longer pregnant. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 20% of pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage.

For a pregnancy test to determine if you are or aren’t pregnant, it needs to detect the hormone, hCG, in your urine. This hormone is known as the pregnancy hormone and is only found when you’re pregnant. However, if you miscarry, your body needs time to flush the hormone and return to normal.

Receiving an ultrasound before an abortion will indicate if you have or haven’t had a miscarriage. However, for your safety, we recommend seeing your doctor upon learning about a miscarriage.

How We Can Help you

At Women’s Resource Medical Centers, we provide pregnancy testing at no cost to you. If your results come back positive, an ultrasound at no cost to you may be offered. Contact us and get the information you need to make the best pregnancy decision for your unique situation.

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