Will Nevada Medicaid Cover Prenatal Care? 

Young wondering, "Will Nevada Medicaid Cover Prenatal Care?"

Did you know that financial stress during pregnancy can impact the health of your child?1 You could be wondering, “Will Nevada Medicaid cover prenatal care?” Thankfully, government programs and community nonprofits are here to help relieve some of the financial stress from expecting women and families!

Here at Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada, we believe women should have access to quality healthcare during their pregnancies — and even more, we’re passionate about providing a loving community to walk alongside you in your time of need.

If you’re pregnant and in need of financial assistance and affordable care, look no further! We’re here to help break down the options available to you! 

Will Nevada Medicaid Pay for Prenatal Care?  

Yes! Medicaid in the state of Nevada covers prenatal care including coverage for the following:

  • A doctor or certified nurse-midwife visits for prenatal care and testing.
  • Specialist care for complications.
  • Delivery services in a hospital or birthing center 
  • After-delivery care.
  • Treatment for preterm labor.

Does Nevada Medicaid Cover Abortion?

No — abortion procedures are not covered under Nevada Medicaid, with exceptions to cases of rape and incest. 

However, for women who experience complications related to their abortions, Nevada Medicaid does cover the treatment of incomplete, missed, or septic abortions, when medically necessary.

I don’t have insurance — What are my options?

For women who are not covered by private or state-funded insurance, you still have options! 

We provide all of our services on a no-cost, confidential basis, meaning you don’t even need to worry about insurance coverage when planning your visit with us! 

We provide the following services for free at Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada: 

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